How to Choose Shower Cubicles and Trays

Shower cubicles and trays are boxes that will fit perfectly in the space of your bathroom and the cubicle where you take your relaxing shower after a hard days work. They can be made from Acrylic, ceramic, glass or a combination of these materials. The cubicles and the trays include a specifically positioned hole for the water to drain easily to avoid flooding. Enclosures are installed around the shower cubicles and trays in order to prevent the water getting out in the bathroom and onto the floor. There are several types of shower cubicles and tray types available on the market.

The gel-coated shower tray is between the other two models: acrylic and ceramic. The ceramic ones are the most heavy and are preferred for public use because there are very resistant in time (durability) and easy to clean. The light option is made from Acrylic and is very easy to install and clean.

The disadvantage of this type as that in time the material will start to decay and to change its color. The shapes and sizes are different according to the manufacturer, they are available in irregular, square and rectangular shapes. The size range from 3.5 to 5.5 feet.

The resin base showers are made from a soft material that lose the properties in a shorter amount of time. At the end of its lifespan, the bottom of the box will look dull and worn out. A serious problem is that some shower cubicles and trays are slippery, causing falls in the shower which can result in bad injuries. In order to minimize such a risk, the manufacturers are using textured surfaces for all the models, for your own safety, think about using a rubber show mat to help give you grip.

If you planning to remodel your bathroom and you want to purchase a new shower, you must be sure you will know how to install such a waterproof device and how to make a proper enclosure.

The shower cabin will sit on the floor, on a base already build. The base has a lip that prevents leaking of the water in the walls and prevents wood rot underneath, it also helps prevent mildew and mold.


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